Canadian Winters Essay

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As Canadians, we are fortunate enough to live in a country with four contrasting seasons. Unfortunately, our winter is the least favourite of the four. Most people are so caught-up in the negative aspects of winter that they do not stop and appreciate the positives of our magical winter season. The glittering snow, festive holidays and the unique sports are only some of the advantages of Canadian winter. Winter is an undervalued season, filled with many wonderful aspects. Although there is an over-abundance of snow to shovel, the first winter snowfall is a magical event that lifts the human spirit. The glistening, white snow creates excitement among children as they enthusiastically prepare to go outside and play with their family and friends. The wet snow is perfect for building snowmen and for friendly snowball fights. The sounds of laughter and excitement fill the cold, crisp air. After enjoying the newly-fallen snow, a warm mug of creamy hot chocolate is the perfect treat to end the day. Not only is the winter season a time for playing in the sparkling snow, it is also the season that brings many celebrations and family gatherings. This merry season includes the religious celebrations of Christmas and Hanukkah and the global celebration of New Year. During the holidays, one gathers with friends and family to share festive meals and to exchange gifts. The holidays are a time filled with new hopes, goals and aspirations, old traditions and cheerful memories. In addition to the festive holidays, Canadian sports and activities are also enjoyed by many. The exciting hockey games are full of team spirit, sportsmanship and loud cheers and applause from eager fans. The Canadian ski hills and mountains are also filled with enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders from around the world that come, not only to ski and snowboard, but also to admire our natural

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