Canadian Laws Essay

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••• A~~~~y- " du Canada STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT FOR CURRENT SOURCE DEDUCTIONS Account number Employer name Page 1 of 3 Statement of account as of December 27 2012 IJ3732r6mrRP0001 SHURS CONNECXION INC. 021622 Balances on last statement Amount paid for Current balances Assessed amount owing Amount paid for 2012 1,455.87Cr I I 0.00 EXPLANATION 2012 1,588.04Cr I Assessed amount owing I 0.00 OF CHANGES Dee 24 Payment Dee 2012 Reed Dee 17 2012 132.17Cr Make your payment online using the Canada Revenue Agency's option. For more information, or to use My Payment, go to VfWW ",9ra. c. ca/mypayment. g 11 11 My Payment - ~-.-- Say YES to direct deposit! Instead of being sent a cheque for your hiring credit for small business, enjoy the convenience of direct deposit. Wherever your business takes you, make sure your CRA refunds and rebates can reach you. Asking for direct deposit means you will receive your money faster and it will be deposited directly into youi account at a Canadian financial institution. Join the thousands of businesses that have already made the switch to quick and easy refu~ds and rebates. TQ~~quest direct deposit, complete the enclosed form RC366 - Direct Depo~it R~or GST/HST, Payroll, and/or co::poration Income Tax and ,m~aA~\l~t~ . .9n+,/l.~1 off it to any of our tax centres L'i st.ed on the back of the form--:.,OcVJl~JtON:"~_a,,'fi .. Thank you for your payment. Please use remittance the last page why you If you already receive your statement and electronically, please continue to do so. Linda Lizotte-Macj'herson Commissioner of Revenue ain on -~ Tax deductions ._:re~r.~f!.~.E:~e...~!".~.!.,:~~~!"..I.()y!.,:~.p-?"r:t.~().~.~!!~Y()~~.P.~Y..~.E:!".!~ _ __ .
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