Canadian Identity Essay

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Canadian Identity ideas Canadian history is the story of our past. It’s the past of the people of Canada(your relatives, your grandparents, your ancestors. If you didn’t know anything about the past or recall any of your memories, how would you know who you are? How would you determine what to do or where go to? What motivation would you have to live? What makes us truly Canadian? What is Canada’s Identity? What does it mean to be Canadian? What are the greatest U.S. influences in our culture? What does Canada mean to you? Canadian Identity means different things to different people. Some people may think of where they liver of their family and friends. Others may consider gender, culture or ethnic origins. Traditions and activities may also influence identity. Canadian Identity, a state of mind, a state of living. Over time, many of us have heard the talk that Canada identifies itself through the eyes of Americans. In other words, “What makes us truly Canadian is that we are not American.” I find it hard to accept being reduced this way as a Canadian, I mean, it sounds as if we are considered of little worth because we aren’t American. Canada minus American influence means half-hearted Canadians. We are just those guys up there living next door to the big wigs. Do we ever need to be identified as Canadian with the word American in the same sentence? Is this what makes us truly Canadian? I don’t think so. I really don’t want to put my Canadian heritage in the same sentence as American influence. Let it stand on its own “two feet." We’ve made it this far; we can go a lot longer. True, our neighbours influence us in many ways, for instance, television. Most of what we watch on television comes from the states. A lot of what we watch on the news involves the US – the war in Irak, trade, and famous legal cases to name a few.
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