Canadian Health Care: a Model for the Us? Essay

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Canadian Health Care: A Model for the United States? Kenneth Holcomb 11/27/2012 Like in many nations, the provision of health care is a source of great debate throughout Canada. At its most basic level, health cards are issued to all individuals enrolled in the program within their province, and everyone receives the same level of care. All essential basic care is covered through public funding, including not only maternity and infertility issues but also vision and dental care in some provinces. Because cosmetic and elective surgeries are not considered essential care, private insurance can be bought to cover these procedures, or they can be paid for out of pocket (Wikipedia). And although most Canadians agree with the public funding of their health care, some still push for its privatization. Geographically, Canada is divided into two territories and 10 provinces with a population of only 33 million. Because of the large size of the country and the disbursement of its relatively small population throughout the provinces, devising an effective means of health care delivery had proven difficult for many years, but eventually the nation developed a national health insurance system (Henderson, 2012). Just like any healthcare system, Canada’s national health insurance system is not perfect, and just like many countries, Canada battles with issues such as increasing health care costs. Although issues like these remain, Canada’s insurance system has proven its ability to provide high quality medical care to its entire population at just about half of the per capita cost of U. S. health care (Henderson, 2012). Therefore, as our own nation’s health care system begins to evolve from its traditional form, we should take a deeper look into the workings of Canada’s health care system by understanding not only its economic structure but also its positive and negative aspects as

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