Canada's Influence On Canadian Culture

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We could not have Kept History without Canadian Talent Throughout the years, Canada has overcome many fears, faults, victories, battles, hardships and countries. Not only did the world come to know Canada as the great peacemaker, but also through Canadian broadcasting. The CBC and NFB helped preserve the identity of French-Canadians not only in broadcasting works but also in forming the way the culture itself is preserved. French-Canadians play a big part as well. It all started in 1929, the Royal Commission on Broadcasting (the Aird Commission) was known to ensure that Canada's cultural identity is reflected in the radio programming available to Canadians. This led to the creation of what was to become the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation,…show more content…
At that time, it is only the source of entertainment in the comfort of peoples own homes. Watching plays and musicals were quite a hassle if someone wanted to relax. Almost all homes and even office establishments had their own radios. The soft and soothing sound of classical music made a mind work better. The sound of upbeat music makes someone become more energetic while country music can give a happy feeling. All of these feelings are brought about by music. Entertainment from listening to old time radio favorites was often enjoyed by entire families. Family members gather when their favorite drama or series was being aired. That was and still is a perfect bonding time for the family. At some points, the children would tell their own version of the story. That is a good mind exercise especially for children because this enhances creativity. In Canada, CBC would air programs ranged from action, adventure, drama, romance, comedy, mysteries, and thrillers. With this wide range of choices, a family can get to choose with their own preference. Old time radio favorites influenced many important entertainers we have in modern times. Canada emerged from its colonial past with a unique political art, music, and literature. Ironically, at a time when Canadians have the most confidence to make a virtue of their diversity, their cultural environment is rapidly becoming a piece of the American "entertainment" market. The order in council through which the Massey Commission was formed stated "it is in the national interest to give encouragement to institutions which express national feeling, promote common understanding and add to the variety and richness of Canadian

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