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Canada'S Economc Success Essay

  • Submitted by: pggthang
  • on December 7, 2008
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An examination of Canada’s democracy through economic success

With very little political upheaval and a history of a vibrant economy Canada has had a relatively smooth democratization process. Canada fits the model of success characterized as Western liberal democracy. In doing so, Canada has been successful in its attempt at completing positive democratic consolidation and securing an advanced liberal democracy. Canada’s most significant variable in successful democratization has been the state’s economy. Given the economy, Canada can look forward to prolonged continued governing success.
In order for a state to successfully secure itself as an advanced democracy the state must employ a positive notion of democratic consolidation. Andreas Schedler in his article, "What is Democratic Consolidation?" defines positive democratic consolidation as, “those who are concerned with democratic advances and try to attain progress toward either liberal or high-quality democracy” (Schedler). Positive democratic consolidation entails an attempt to obtain larger degrees of democratic continuity, maintenance, capability, liberties and so on. Conversely a negative notion of democratic consolidation is defined as being, “pre-occupied with keeping democracy alive, with preventing its sudden death” (Schedler). Canada has attempted to complete a positive notion of democratic consolidation; in doing so the country has moved beyond the standard label of liberal democracy and become what Schedler calls an ‘advanced democracy.’
This paper identifies Canada’s democracy as an ‘advanced liberal democracy.’ This is to help clarify confusing hierarchy that is associated with the words ‘advanced,’ ‘liberal,’ and ‘democracy.’ Thus an advanced liberal democracy is placed as the top form of governing in political hierarchy. It is important to understand the typecast that often associate successful democracy with Western democracy are also social realities.   Advanced liberal...

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