Canada's "Sacred Cow" Essay

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In India, the cow is seen as a sacred animal; the people worship cows and they have a religious value that seems completely irrational to western society. Is it so irrational though? Cows provide many services to the peasants of India, and they are a vital part of the economy of India, providing essential services for many aspects of economic production. This Indian culture may seem bizarre to us as Canadians, but in reality we practice a similar ritual in our own culture. Canada’s “sacred cow” is hockey. Never is the country more united or patriotic then when the men’s and women’s hockey teams play, be it the winter olympics, or any kind of international competition. People throw away rivalries from their favourite NHL teams, and cheer as one. This national passion that is shared from coast to coast is what brings Canadians together. Even the people who are normally uninterested with hockey can be seen wearing the maple leaf with pride and cheering uncharacteristically for our hockey teams. Even given the diversity of people in Canada, everyone embraces the hockey culture; “Hockey Night in Canada” is available in a Punjabi broadcast from CBC. This hockey culture contributes greatly to the economy in Canada. It is hard to find a town or city without their own arena. These arenas provide jobs, as well as facilitating contractors the opportunity to construct new arenas, thus creating even more jobs. Minor hockey associations are packed with young, aspiring hockey players willing to pay the price for registration and gear just to play the sport they love. Several Canadian companies have been manufacturing hockey equipment for many years, and have grown immensely in today’s markets. A good example is the company “Bauer” (now “Performance Sports Group”), founded in Kitchener, Ontario in 1927 which has now grown and expanded to a leading developer/manufacture for

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