Canada Vs. United States Essay

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Canada Versus the United States North America is a northern continent of the America’s bordered by the Arctic Ocean, North Atlantic Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea. In this continent there are two extremely powerful countries known as Canada and the United States. Although these countries fall under the same continent they are very closely related but differ greatly in many aspects. Briefly, these countries are different and similar in the categories of economy, citizenship, and societies. Although they share some of the same qualities it is strongly believed that Canada has a higher standard of living even though they do not have the top of the line materials provided, Canada provides more options and choices than the United States. Canada demonstrates this through focusing on equality and fairness with citizens therefore providing an average economy to have a better society. Canada and the United States may seem like closely related countries, but differ in categories of citizenship, wealth, and societies, through this essay Canada demonstrates to be a better living country. Citizenship is generally defined as the character of an individual viewed as a member of society; behavior in terms of the duties, obligations, and functions of a citizen. In both countries citizenship plays an important role in appreciating, and having a sense of belonging to your country. This is true because both countries present citizenship with freedom and rights, making citizens feel like they belong to their country. Although both countries present freedom and rights for citizens to feel a sense of belonging, both countries differ in priorities for citizenship. Canadian citizenship is presented to recognize differences, how you may ask? Chong (1995) states “Citizenship responsibility is to use tolerance, fairness, understanding, and compassion to leaf through the Canadian family

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