Canada vs. America

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Canadian political culture vs. American political culture I will be discussing the fact if our Canadian political culture is affected by American political culture or not. I will discuss several ways as how Canada’s political culture differs them from the states and makes them stand out. I personally feel that Canada’s political culture defines who it is, not a reflection of the United States of America. Canada is distinct in its own unique ways. This can be seen with comparison of the cultural mosaic against the cultural melting pot. We as Canadians fall under the category of the cultural mosaic. We are known for our multiculturalism, and our cultural are co-exist together in Canadians societies. We have a sense of pride in our multicultural communities and believe that this defines us. While in America’s cultural melting pot Americans are extremely patriotic for just being Americans not any sense of cultural diversity like Canada. Our political culture it self is structured around our sense of multiculturalism and this cultural mosaic. We have established such bills such as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to cater to all our citizens and protect their freedoms and rights. Along with our multiculturalism we are known for our free health care for our citizens. We take great pride in providing all our citizens with the means to carry on with daily life and are guaranteed with our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Being a first generation Canadian, the topic of Canada’s own culture is very interesting to me. My family and I are part our Canada’s multicultural community. We are able to keep our cultural values alive in Canada and have a right to do so, which is what makes us Canadians. It is not good when Canada as a nation is considered a product of Americanization, and when people consider Canada to not have its own culture. As Canadians we need

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