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Labour and Social Movements in Canadian Society Canada Labor Day Canada Labor Day Introduction Traditionally, the International Labor Day holiday marks the first of May. However, there are countries in which it is celebrated at a different time due to historical patterns of occurrence. Every country always has a special day and believes in who remember their history and made a series of celebrations. I refer to the Canada Day which is celebrated on July 1. It is a very special and festive when all Canadians are celebrating all day. What Canadians celebrate Canada is that once belonged to the UK but from July 1, 1867 independence from this country and finally was a free country. As the independent is a party that deserves to be remembered and celebrated as it is very important for a country. It was not until 1879 when it became the official celebration of this festival and was called Dominion Day. This national holiday name lasted until 1982 when he started calling Canada Day which is now called as. Author’s Argument In this article, the author argued the importance of the Labor Day and its importance for the labors. Labor Day is the official Canadian holiday that is traditionally celebrated on the first Monday in September. This is a celebration in honor of all the workers who have earned the right to rest, defended this right in a peaceful struggle. There are historical records that the first peaceful march in solidarity work took place in the Canadian cities of Toronto and Ottawa in April 1872, 10 years earlier than the date from which the count is Labor Day in the neighboring United States. But, despite the fact that Canadian workers were more progressive in matters defend their rights, it is believed that the origin of this festival is put all American workers. First Monday of September was important for American society from September 5, 1882. On

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