Canada During Ww2 Analysis

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Another “face” of Canada during WW2 Throughout World War II, Canada had done amazing things in the war and also done some unacceptable things to others. Canada shouldn’t be proud of what it did during WW2. Firstly, the conscription which they forced people to join the war. Secondly, how Canada treat the Japanese Canadian badly. Thirdly, how Canada refuses to help. First of all, the reason why Canada shouldn’t be proud is that they start the conscription again which they forced people to fight in war and they have already promise not to introduce anymore. In 1939 Prime Minister Mackenzie King, assureds of the opposition of French-speaking Quebec to conscription in the First World War, promised that there would not be conscription for overseas…show more content…
One of the examples for this is the rape of Nanjing. In 1931, the Japanese army attacked china and the Japanese army entered the city without any resistance. In six week, up to 300 000 civilians were killed where many of them were shot or stabbed to death. Some women were forced into prostitution. Because of all these happening, in 1931, when china ask for help but Canada didn’t help. So when Japan invaded Canada and many countries refused to help. Canada should have helped china. Because of this many innocent people involved to the war and died. Another example is that in May, 1939. The passengers of St.Louis from Hamburg, Germany were 907 Jews aboard and they were looking for a safe home far from the force of Nazi Germany. They tried to land in Cuba but they send away. They also try to stay in united sates but were sending away. They came north to Canada but Canadian also turned them away. The Canadian prime minister showed unwelcomed attitude to Jewish people when he supported the deputy minister of immigration’s comment about allowing Jewish people to enter Canada. Canada response to Jewish refugee applicants was that at this time, Canada is not admitting Jews, please try some other country. Canada should open the “door” and be welcome to Jewish. Jewish people living so complicated that everyone try to send them away so Canada should accept
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