Canada And Global Warming Essay

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Canada and Global Warming Canada is one of the ‘dirty dozen’ countries, that is it is amongst the top 12 greenhouse gas emitting countries in the world, together with, amongst others, the USA, China, Japan, Britain and Australia. Canada is way above its Kyoto targets, more than any other industrialized country with the possible exception of Spain, producing in 2004, 58 million tones of greenhouse gases. This amounts to 3% of the world’s total. In order to meet Kyoto requirements, Canada would have to cut the current levels by 34.6% (CBC, 2007). Many scientists now agree that Canada is already experiencing climate change. Abnormal water flows from the North Atlantic to the Arctic Ocean are causing unprecedented warming in some areas, new research collected this fall shows. Information gathered aboard a Russian icebreaker found the Arctic waters were warmer by as much as one degree in places. The warming could change the thickness of Arctic sea ice as well as the amount of area it covers, affecting the marine ecosystem and the species that live there. In fact this is already taking place. A study done by the University of Colorado concluded Arctic sea ice has declined at an average rate of about 7.8 per cent a decade between 1953 and 2006 (CBC, 2007). Other effects include: worsening heat waves in major cities; increased flooding in coastal areas; water shortages in the Prairies, the result of rising temperatures increasing evaporation rates and affecting glacial sources of water; lowering of the Great Lakes from evaporation, with implications for marine transportation, sewage and water-intake systems and marine ecosystems. . However, Canada was pulled out of Kyoto despite the fact that the environment is currently one of the most important political issues in voters’ minds. Stephen Harper’s government says that the Kyoto commitment would be too

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