Can You Sense Your Hormones

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Courtney Hopkins Module 3 can you sense your hormones 1. Explain how adaptation relates to our thermo receptors and touch receptors. What is referred pain and how could it be dangerous? Adaptation relates to our thermo receptors and our touch receptors because adaptation is reduction in sensitivity in the presence of constant stimulus. Referred pain is when internal organs cause another part of the body to feel pain. For example when a heart attack it causes arm pain this is how it can be dangerous because the individual may not know where the arm pain is coming from. 2. Explain why olfaction and gustation are considered "chemical" special senses (think of how these two senses work). Explain the importance of hair cells with the sense of hearing and equilibrium. Lastly, compare and contrast rod and cone cells' location, function, and overall amount. Olfaction and gustation are considered chemical special senses because olfactory information is routed directly to the cerebrum and olfactory stimuli have powerful effects on mood and behavior. Gustatory sensations are stronger and clearer when integrated with olfactory sensations olfaction produces action potential and gustation receptors taste the chemicals. Hair cells are simple mechanoreceptors which are complex structure of the inner ear and the different arrangements of accessory structures of the inner ear and different arrangements of the accessory structures. Rod cells do not discriminate among colors of light. They may help us see I dim light cone c cells provide color vision. Cones give humans sharper colors. Rod cells are found on the side while cones are found on the bottom. 3. Explain how the body maintains homeostasis of serum (blood calcium) levels through the use of the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Fibrin is insoluble strands. The fibrin fibers interact and provide framework for
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