Can You Determine How Long Each Phase Of The Cell Essay

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Even though Interphase had the most amount of cells and of minutes, it is usually higher in numbers. Interphase is suppose to be 90 % of the cell cycle but in this experiment it was less than 90 %. It is also suppose to be higher in minutes around 1,296 minutes, but in this experiment it was only 476 minutes. A human error that could have occurred in this internal assessment was that the human eye could have counted a cell twice or maybe even three times without recognizing that they already have counted it. Another human error could have been that the human eye could have confused a cell for being in one phase but actually being in another. This could have caused them to count cells for the wrong phases. It is noted that this experiment can have different human errors that affect its outcome. A way to improve this internal assessment is to have the cover slip include fewer cells so that the human eye could have a less difficult time of counting all the cells. The human eye will also have less of a chance of counting cells twice. This will produce fewer errors. To get to 500 cells, the student can use various cover slips with few cells on each. Another way to improve this lab may be to enlarge the cells more (if possible) so that they appear larger and clearer. This way the human eye will once again make fewer errors and have more accurate results. These are ways to improve this internal assessment. A way to extend the experiment is to use different cells and compare the results and see the difference or similarities. A limitation that occurred was time. Time was a factor because it we would have had more time we would have been able to observe the cells more thoroughly. Being able to examine them more thoroughly would have given more accurate results and fewer inaccuracies. Overall, this internal assessment was successful to me because it helped me understand

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