Can We Talk? Essay

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Understanding Communication in Relationships By: COM200: Interpersonal Communication Instructor: Donna Mills May 15, 2015 Understanding Communication in Relationships When is the right time to disclose? We normally ask our self this question at the beginning of a new relationship, a new job, or new friendship. Some define self-disclosure as sharing information with others that they would not normally know or discover. In my opinion, everyone has their own way of defining self-disclosure. Beings that I am an extrovert and a female I tend to look at self-disclosure differently. I am pretty much an open book. I think trust is important in any type of relationship and I feel that openness is better from the start. When relationships get deeper and more personal through time and feelings, then that’s when I ask the questions “do I trust this person enough to know my inner most secrets? Is it worth the risk?” So how do we know when it’s the right type of relationship? A quality interpersonal relationship is one which is built on understanding yourself and others. (Bevan, 2014) The understanding of two people is feeling for one another and/or empathizing with one another by seeing things through each other’s eyes. You can tell a quality interpersonal relationship is present by the certain amount of synergy that takes place between the two people in the relationship. Some characteristics include: individual respect, trust, open lines of communication, open mindedness, patience, empathy, love and many other attributes which add up to a strong interpersonal relationship. I find in my own personal relationship, we do not share equal consistent, quality communication. In my marriage, we have a lot of conversations all the time and not talk about anything of substance or value or quality. “Research consistently has shown a link between happy marriages and

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