Can We Have Beliefs or Knowledge Which Are Independent of Our Culture? Essay

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TOK Writing the TOK Essay STICK TO THIRD PERSON Knower’s perspective: story of what we know. Answer the question as many times as I can. In many ways. Introduction • Direct to the objective • Interest in what we know • Defining key terms “My definitions” • Thesis: Answer to the title question and your plan (where you are going to take the reader). Plan is going to talk about AOK (have to be specific) and WOK. Body (2 paragraphs) • Claim (WOKS) 1 paragraph • Counterclaim (WOKS) 2 paragraph Can we have beliefs or knowledge which are independent of our culture? Beliefs are the ideas in which we have faith in and we have emotion linked to. It sometimes shows us what decision to make basing us in our knowledge or in what is true to us. In that matter knowledge is what we have achieved or gain from our past experiences. Our knowledge and beliefs are usually being influence by the perception around us, in our culture. Culture is a strong and common belief a society or community has that influences their ethics. Furthermore we do not have to be part of a society in order to have different beliefs because we always are affected by another culture. In that way we sometimes can be independent or dependent of our culture. South America culture is dependent from strong beliefs and knowledge. People from South America perceive soccer as part of the culture. Soccer has being in this continent since a long time and it has influence people beliefs. From my own experience many people see soccer as an emotion, and a way of living. They cannot live their lives without watching a soccer game. This knowledge has been passed to generation to generation. In my case my father influenced me into soccer. This is what is happening in the South American culture where soccer has
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