Can War Ever Be Justified

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Can War Ever be Justified Can war ever be justified? Some people believe it can be in exceptional circumstances, whilst others believe that it can never be justified and there is no circumstance in which it can be justified. ‘In the west there is a long standing culture of differentiating between “just” and “unjust” wars’( taken from an unknown author on This is a good example because it shows that even in the same culture people believe different things and that different thing makes war just whilst other things make war unjust. The strongest argument is that war is acceptable if it’s in self defence or in the defence of a weaker power incapable of defending its self against a stronger power; in liberating people from an oppressive dictatorship or government; finally where the conflict will save more people than it kills. These are the main principles from the just war theory. The just war theory is highly credited in politics as it has been created over many centuries by the greatest philosophers of the ages like Augustine, Thomas Aquinas and Grotius. For example in the first gulf war when Iraq invaded Kuwait and the United Nations intervened in force headed by the Americans. This war can be perceived as just in the just war theory as it uses two…show more content…
This can be claimed to be proof that war holds back development which in some cases this is almost completely true. On the other hand it can be said that it speeds up development for example a lot of surgical techniques were invented to deal with war casualties and nuclear power is also a result of war thanks to the German atomic physicists. Philosophers believe that necessity is the mother of invention and wars create lots of necessities some of which are useful in more peaceful times whilst others can cause absolute misery in war

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