Can This Campus Be Bought? Commercial Influence in Unfamiliar Places

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| | Mayra Perez 94589336 UWP 101 In the essay “Can This Campus Be Bought? Commercial Influence in Unfamiliar Places,” Jennifer L. Croissant explains how commercial influences affect a university image. Croissant explains that more and more corporations are willing to donate money to fund universities. According to her donations are not just made to give money away, there is an interest behind it. When companies make donations they gain power over the university, they gain popularity and get advertisement. On the other hand, the university looses autonomy, values, freedom and liberty to make their own decisions. In other words, universities become dependent on such corporations. According to the author this is a bad reputation for the university because it causes the public to think everything said or mentioned may be unreliable or influenced by these corporations. Therefore, the university loses credibility. The writer goes on to say she is not against being involved with commercial activities, she thinks it’s good to be connected to the outside world but she thinks there must be a limit in order to maintain the university’s image and freedom to make their own decisions. In this essay Croissant’s intention is to make students and faculty members aware of the wider context of what’s going on around them. It seeks to open their eyes and realize how harmful it can be to sign contracts with corporations or accept money from them. I, as a student found this article very convincing and helpful. This is a very important issue that that nobody really seems to pay much attention to. I had never heard of it or even paid attention to it. Croissant has accomplished her purpose because it makes the reader start thinking about this issue and be aware that as part of this system we have options. Even though the essay is successfully in sending this message across it doesn’t

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