Can Success Be Disastrous

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Every person seeks for success, yet when that person gets a taste of success, the desire for more can be uncontrollable and can turn disastrously. The glory of success can blind a person, causing he or she to be exceedingly proud and selfish and to do terrible things in order to reach his or her goal. As a result, the desire to reach success and the fame and glory from being successful can blind and destroy a person. Shakespeare’s shortest and bloodiest tragedy Macbeth tells the story of a brave Scottish general who received a prophecy from three witches that one day he will become King of Scotland. Macbeth allowed his ambition to overwhelm him and became a murdering, paranoid maniac, killing King Duncan and everyone else in his way to the throne. Although he succeeded with seizing the throne, things went downhill for Macbeth as his wife committed suicide and as Macduff confronted Macbeth and eventually beheaded him. Julius Caesar, another Shakespeare's famous tragedy, talks about Caesar, a great military and political leader, who achieved his goal of uniting the country under his rule, but his lack of humility and insight gradually caused the glory of his victory to fade. As a result, he was murdered by his fellow politicians and countrymen, including Brutus whom Caesar loved dearly. Therefor, though Caesar succeeded in gaining power and uniting the country, the glory of his success blinded him and lead him down a path full of misery. Success can bring out the worst in people and turn terribly disastrous. Just as Caesar's prideful arrogance was his tragic flaw that prevented him from seeing the harm he was doing and the harm that have been planned against him, Macbeth's destructive ambitions lead to his wife’s suicide and his assassination. All in all, the glory from achieving success can distort one's perception and ability to reason and can lead to
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