Can South America Have an Effect on Global Economy? Essay

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CAN SOUTH AMERICA HAVE AN EFFECT ON GLOBAL ECONOMY? South America is significant and has a really big impact on Global Economy. One clear reason why, is its geographic location, surrounded by the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans, this helping South America trade with large countries like China, Korea and Japan. Also they export products to Europe, and even though its countries are affected by economic crisis they consume many South American countries. But what does South America offer? We know their export capacity is incredible because South America has the Amazon Rainforest, a huge rural zone with an important biodiversity. What is more, when talking about resources we have Venezuelan oil industry, Chilean and Peruvian minerals; as well as Brazilian technology and one of the largest populations in the world. In the other hand we have South American Consumerism. The improvement of South American economy means that the consumerism capacity will be bigger. Therefore, it will be seen as a substantial market for big industries around the world. South American has a lot to offer, and all of this can affect the Global Economy. In first place, we have South America geographic location. Its location is really important for South American development and for its impact or effect it has on the Global Economy. This continent is located in the Western and South Hemisphere and it is bordered on the north by the Atlantic Ocean and on the west by the Pacific Ocean. This is transcendental for South American trade because “Most countries on the Pacific seaboard are committed to free trade with both el norte and Asia” (Carranza, parr. 1). This has already helped many countries develop many trade agreements with many important countries with a big market. One example of this is Brazil and China, South America location helped “Leaders of Brazil and China signed trade agreements

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