Can School Counselors Infulence Classroom Management And Student Achievement Essay

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Can school counselors influence classroom management and student achievement? I believe they can, and I also think they have an advantage over classroom teachers. One day last school year, I can clearly remember walking into a rowdy classroom full of energized juniors with a counselor. The teacher was sitting at her desk shouting across the room for students to be quiet and have a seat. Clearly there were no students engaged in instruction. Instead, we were greeted by profanity, music from a cell phone, and the aroma of marijuana. As I shut the door. Ms. Killingham asked the students to settle down only twice. They all begin to maneuver into their original seats. Suddenly there was silence with the exception of a couple of girlish giggles. The teacher was in amazement of the level of respect without having to shout or discipline. As we began to pass out the literature and discuss the issues at hand, we had their full and undivided attention. Later that day, Ms. Killingham was approached by that same classroom teacher for an explanation and advice of what she had witnessed. With increasing demands upon teacher’s management and therapeutic skills, teachers often welcome the counselor’s skills, especially within the classroom. Counseling strategies decrease classroom disturbances. Counseling services support teachers in the classroom in order to enable teachers to provide quality instruction designed to assist students in achieving high standards. Students in schools that provide counseling services indicated that their classes were less likely to be interrupted by other students, and that their peers behaved better in school (Gysbers, Norman, & Yongmin, 1997). School counselors are set to high standards by American School Counselors Association (ASCA). I envision a school counselor as a link between the student, classroom and the parent. Professional

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