Can Jim Work In The Us? Essay

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“In his Rhetoric, Aristotle discusses the various ways one can support a claim” (SMH 182). The three strategies he uses for appeals within the writing are Logos, Ethos, and Pathos. When writing an essay, authors must appeal to their audiences. High Tech Jobs Are Going Abroad! But that’s Okay by Robert B Reich looks at whether the number of jobs going abroad has a big impact on U.S. high tech jobs. Reich feels that the problem many seem to think it will cause won’t be the case. He feels that as the economy bounces back more jobs will stay stateside and that the percentage of jobs leaving the country is small in comparison to our domestic work force. The first strategy Reich uses is Ethos or ethical appeals. “To make your argument convincing, you must first gain the respect and trust of your reader, or establish your credibility with them” (SMH 182). Reich states “When I was labor secretary, I fought to preserve U.S. jobs” (Reader 310). The use of this example informs the readers of Reich’s work history, confirms he has knowledge on the subject and establishes his credibility. “Audiences are more inclined to give credibility to writers who seem to be fairly considering and representing their opponents’ views than to those who seem to be ignoring or distorting such views” (Reader 300). Another example Reich uses is “In 2000, senior software engineers earned $130,000. The same job now pays no more than $100,000” (Reader 310). By acknowledging the trend in dropping salaries, Reich shows his fairness to the other side of his argument. The second of Aristotle’s three strategies used is Logos or logical appeals. Lundsford states “While the character a writer presents in writing always exerts a strong appeal (or lack of appeal) in an argument, credibility alone cannot and should not carry the full burden of convincing readers” (SMH 186). “Matthew Slaughter,

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