Can Fat Be Fit?

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Jeanette Wright Biology 323 Unit 2- C Level Can Fat Be Fit? I'm sure the idea sounds great to most people, not having to watch what you eat and still be considered “fit”. In reality, fat is not fit. Yes, at times we do encounter athletes who are overweight, but that does not mean they are healthy. They are still have more risks for diabetes and other weight related diseases. Many studies have been done to try to prove that fat can be fit, but in the end the results prove untrue. In the article, “Can Fat Be Fit?”, a study was done by researcher Katherine M. Flegal, comparing overweight people to people with normal weights. The results came back to show that the overweight subjects had in fact been healthier than the average weight subjects. What they found out later, though, was she had failed to specify the people with normal weights had preexisting chronic illnesses or were smokers. This gave them a disadvantage. In another study researchers found that, “overweight individuals (but not obese people) tended to live longer than those of normal weight” (“You Can't Be Fit and Fat). They go on to say that not all overweight people develop diseases, but they are at a higher risk. At first, when this idea was brought up I thought to myself “yes maybe that can be possible”, but after reading several articles on it I know that it is not true. I used to play sports and I was always very active and some of my teammates were overweight, but they could outrun half the team. I now realize maybe they had endurance and stamina because the body can gain strength from that kind of thing, but in regards to health they are still at more risk for more serious diseases. Eating habits have everything to do with health and play a significant role in the prevention of certain diseases. Sources You Can't Be

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