Can Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability Coexist? Essay

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CCGL 9020 Term Paper <Can Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability Coexist?> Seo Yeon (Isabella), CHOI 2013509926 Saturday 9:30~10:20 am Session The dilemma between choosing economic development and environmental continued for a very long time around the world. Economic development is the progress in an economy and it usually refers to general improvements in the standard of living such as, advance in technology, increase in GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and more, among the citizens in the particular country. Environmental sustainability, on the other hand, involves taking actions to maintain the environment in the particular country commonly to protect the natural world and human beings as well. Although countries tend to find an efficient point of compromise between economic development and environmental sustainability, it is hard for these countries to make these two concepts coexist. Some countries did find a way to cooperate the development of economics and environment but these solutions also have their gains and losses as well. In this paper, I am going to explain advantages and disadvantages of both economic development and environmental sustainability, analyze a wide range countries that exercised one of these two concepts or both of the concepts, suggest possible solutions to the problem by having different approaches, and then conclude the paper by answering the ultimate question of the paper: Can economic development and environmental sustainability coexist?. Almost all countries in the world want to be economically developed and environmentally sustained. There are many advantages with these two concepts but there are disadvantages as well. For the economic development, if a country is economically developed, it generally has higher living standards than other countries since most economically developed countries have their
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