Can Convenient Foods Replace Traditional Foods? Essay

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VU UYEN GE02 Convenience foods will become increasingly prevalent and eventually replce traditional foods and methods of food preparation. To what extent o you agree or disagree with this opinion? Looking back the past, convenience foods have been popular since 1950s in America and now are common all around the world. Some people believed the convenience of that kind of foods will finally take place of traditional foods and the way to cook food. T disagree with this opinion, for two reasons. Convenience foods have some advantages like quick, handy, provide a wide range of energy so they are compatible with youth as well as busy office workers. However, they are just a temporary trend for the reason that traditional foods are connective agent in a family. Family meals are good time for family members sitdown together after a hard-work day. They cook for each other so each traditional meal demonstrate the care, the love and the familiar. This is things convenience foods can’t bring about. Morever, many convenience foods, especially fast foods do not supply enough vitamins, mineral and not guaranteeing safety sanitation. After all, they easily intensify the risk of cardiovascular, obesity, etc diseases. Meanwhile, many researches proved that those who have meal at home or cook themselves not having tendency to get stress, alzemir; at the same time improving independent character; bulding a heathy life and living longer. The more convenient life is, the more people take care of their health and then choose traditional foods as well as cook at home to maintain healthy. So it’s easy to find that convenience foods can’t replace them, isn’t
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