Can Casablanca Be Considered Propaganda

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Can Casablanca Be Considered Propaganda Propaganda is a view aimed to affect the behaviour or attitude of a community; it is mostly spread through the media, especially during wartime. Casablanca can be considered propaganda because it sends a message of how to behave at war, it shows how much better America is than the rest of the world and it portrays the Nazis as arrogant people. It specifically shows that America is a good country, it is all right to do bad things for the right reason and that you should be patriotic. Michael Curtiz, director of Casablanca, shows that America is a nice place to live by the use of eye level and reaction shots. He uses eye level and reaction shots to show how much people want to move to America. An example of this is the elderly couple who get letters of transit; when they tell Rick they are leaving you can see the look of joy through eye level shots. Another example is reaction shots of Victor and Ilsa when Rick helps them to escape. Curtiz shows how important it is to get to America and that it is acceptable to do bad things to get there. Curtiz, director of Casablanca, suggests that it is alright to do bad things for the right reason through reaction shots and high angle shots. He uses high angle shots, sound effects and reaction shots when Major Strasser is shot. When Major Strasser is shot Curtiz uses high angle shots to show that Major Strasser is not in a position of power. The fact that Captain Louis doesn’t arrest Rick shows that he believes that what Rick did was the right thing and it is all right to do bad things for the right reason. Caption Louis actions are also patriotic because helping Rick and allowing Victor and Ilsa is helping the war effort. It helps the war effort because the Germans have to spend more time chasing them and people will hear of their escape and will try for themselves. In Casablanca, the
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