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Can Bully Really Lead To Suicide ? Essay

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  • on December 13, 2010
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Dolly Ward

English 112

29 Nov. 2010

Can Bulling Really Lead to Suicide?

Some young and old people may ask the definition of bulling? Either they ask to

be funny or just because they really don’t know. Before legislatures were required to

defined the word bullying in more precise terms, caracterizing “bullying” had largely

been an question for individual judgement “we know that it is when we see it (Ferrlle-

Smith pg.1). Bulling includes harassment, intimadation to varying young degrees,

ridicule andtaunting. Sometimes, bullies are motivated a by hate and bias, sometimes by

curtural norms, peer pressure or the desire to retaliate. Bullin g may occure qithin the

context of

initiation rituals and be labeled “hazing” or it can be overtly or implicitly about gender,

constituting sexual harassment. Sometimes, there is no readily indent reason for bulling

which some kids are asked. Their answers can be disturbing precisely because they are

not extraordinary: bullies pick on kids who are weaker, smaller, funny looking, or dumb

(Ferrell- Smith pg.1)
Some people don’t realize that bullying has acme kind of connection with the

school. This research led to 10 key findings, ones of which was the most of the attackers

felt persecuted, bullied, threaten, attract or injured by others prior to the incident. In several

cases, the harassment the attacker endured was sever, long standing, torturous and a

Signified that”… nearly every child in the school at some point thrown the attacker up

against the locker, tripped him in the hall, help his head under wanted and thrown
Ward 2

things at him. “In fact, the secret Service found that more than half of the attackers cited

revenge as a motive and more than three quarters of attackers were known to be hold a

grievance against an individual or group of individuals before the attack.” Released of

Bullying found in May...

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