Can and Employer Refuse to Hire Someone Because of Smoking Essay

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The integrity of the information can be perserved throught an organization during the vertical communiation process in that open line of communication and trust is kept open between managment and their associates. "One way to give supervisors power is to communicate directly with them and to have them provide input to decisions. Ensuring that supervisors are informed about organizational issues/changes before staff in general, and then allowing them to communicate these issues/changes to their staff, helps reinforce their position of power. When the supervisor is perceived as having power, employees have greater trust in the supervisor, greater desire for communication with the supervisor, and are more likely to believe that the information coming from the supervisor is accurate."( When a supervisor feels empowered there are at a greater chance to deliver the message with integrity. When the supervisor believes, not only in himself/herself, then the message that they are to deliver for their company to others also will be delivered with honesty and integrity. When staff members see that a supervisor is trustworthy, honesty, and shows integrity then the staff members are likely to respond to the message in a positive way and in turn deliver the same message with that integrity. Integrity can be a make or break for a supervisor and even a company. Integrity is the key to trust and honesty within a company. Vertical, Horizontal, and Diagonal Communication, 2007, Retreived on April 18, 2012, from

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