Can Alternative Medicine Ever Be a More Effective Cure Than Conventional Medicine?

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2. Can alternative medicine ever be a more effective cure than conventional medicine? Alternative medicine generally refers to practices not typically used in conventional medicine. What's considered alternative medicine changes constantly as more and more treatments undergo rigorous study and are proved to be effective or not. Alternative medicine is generally thought of as being used instead of conventional methods. For example, this might mean seeing a homeopath or naturopath instead of your regular doctor. omplementary medicine is thought of as treatments used in addition to the conventional therapies your doctor may prescribe, such as using tai chi or massage in addition to prescription medicine for anxiety. Conventional medicine is organized around the theory of Diseases while alternative medicine are systems of healing that are ancient or modern, and share one common characteristic which separates them from conventional. Conventional medicine is most commonly known as antibiotics Many would argue that utilizing alternative medication is a much wiser decision. It often is a slow treatment that may work with in a certain time period such as physiotherapy. In order for the effects to show, one must be patient and pursue this treatment. A wide range of people would agree that alternative medication can only cure problems to a limited level. It is rather difficult to interpret alternative medicine as a very “effective” treatment as it works for some people and for others it may just be mumbo jumbo. However, one must consider that every individual has slightly different bodies. Hence, it is realistic to state that not every treatment works on everyone. • Conventional medicine is preferred in the treatment of trauma and emergencies while alternative medicine excels in the treatment of chronic disease, although homeopathy can also be very effective as

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