Can Abortion Ever Be Justified ?

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Can abortion ever be justified? Entrenched as a ubiquitous phenomenon throughout the world, abortion- the premature expulsion of a fetus in the womb is now mounting in our present era. In fact, with modernization, abortion is becoming a culture the new generation is bringing as this therapy is therapeutic to myriad of women. Yet, this medical advancement has generated controversy surrounding the moral and legal status of abortion. Is there any valid reason to expunge a pregnancy willingly? Can this remedy be morally permissible? Judith Jarvis Thomson a famous American moral philosopher claims that even if the fetus has a right to life; abortion is morally permissible in all cases because a woman has a right to control her own body. Thomson's variant of this argument draws an analogy between forcing a woman to continue an unwanted pregnancy and forcing a person's body to be used as a dialysis machine for another person suffering from kidney failure. It is argued that just as it would be permissible to "unplug" and thereby cause the death of the person who is using one's kidneys, so it is acceptable to abort the fetus (who similarly, it is said, has no right to use one's body against one's will) It is unambiguous that if abortion is not allowed on demand, woman will opt for ‘black street abortion’ which is dangerous as 500 women lose their life daily due to this practice. Nevertheless, the rights to do as we wish to our bodies must be curtailed by the rights of others to be free from harm as the fetus is a living thing thus abortion cannot be justified as it is barbarous murder veiled in the name of technology. Similarly, we cannot legalize abortion just on the grounds that that it will practice on the black market since it is morally wrong. Decriminalizing abortion, on this ground, would be like legalizing drugs trafficking, war or nuclear weapons throughout
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