Can a War Ever Be Just?

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CAN A EVER BE JUST? Many argue whether a war could be justified or not. In my essay I will be discussing whether it's justifiable or not. A just war is war waged according to moral rules defined by St Augustine and St Thomas Aquinas.The conditions for a just war are 1. the war must only be started and controlled by the authority of the state or the ruler, 2. there must be a just- cause;those attacked are attacked because they deserve it, 3. the war must be fought to promote good or avoid evil. Peace and justice must be restored afterwards. Later, two other conditions were added: the war must be the last resort;all other possible ways of solving the problem must have been tried out and the fifth and final one: there must be 'proportionality' in the way the war is fought , e.g. innocent civilians should not be killed.You must use only enough force to achieve your goals,not more. (it would not be 'proportionate', for example, to bomb a whole village because the enemy was hiding in one house.) Muslims are allowed to go to war if they are oppressed from practicing religion however they are not accepted to go over the limits. A quote from the Quran to prove this is "God does not love the aggressors. Since Augustine of Hippo many Christians have believed that war could be justified under certain moral conditions are fulfilled,namely the just war theory.In the old testament people believed in a belligerent God.In the New Testament war was not an issue. The early Christians believed that Jesus was a pacifist because he told Peter to put his sword away.People like Martin Luther King are known as pacifists meaning they are against war,he went out to stop the racism to the black community he went out preaching, made campaigns and even wrote his own speech. Jesus forgave those who crucified him. Some believe that war is a part
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