Can a Friend Be a Friend? Essay

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I believe A friend that isn't a true friend Can't have good results coming from them And I have Many reasons. When you have a True friend, they will be there to Listen to what you have to say Unlike a Friend that isn't a true friend will only Hear What you have to say. A friend that truly isn't your For example, When I turned 16 years old , I became Interested in brushing up on my social skills to actually make a friend. My father would always tell me that "A real friend will be there when you need them the Most But a Friend that isnt truly your friend, Will not be there when you need them the most". I started walking around My Campus for 2 weeks searching for a Stranger that I could turn into My new friend. After 2 weeks of Searching; I saw A young lady; On a Friday Afternoon, Sitting Alone on a bench outside. I walked up to her with confidence and Gracefully allowed myself to sit next to her. The Young lady told me Her name was Jasmin after I told her What i name was. Jasmin seemed shy At first but when i started to make some Jokes about her food, she easily lightened up and Giggled. I continued asking her questions and convinced her to Skip The rest of the School day with me. Ever since that Day,We became The Best of Friends In 2008. She enjoyed my Goofiness And my Straight-forwardness. Jasmin;My new friend, was the type of girl who went with the flow and was interested in trying new things. Our Friendship sky rocketed,We hung out everyday,Shared many laughs and crazy Adventures together! Suddenly; after 2 years of Friendship, I started to truly Analyze how Jasmin treated me. I noticing her being evasive towards me, wanting to ditch me all the time for a guy or to get a tattoo. Jasmins Actions clearly started to hurt my feelings and I noticed that she wasn't the girl I had became friends with at first. I confronted Jasmin One day Discussing with her about

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