Camus- Equal Opportunity Essay

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Owen Larson Essay #2 Equal opportunity As children we had always known how to rebel against trends, friends, and even our own parents. In fact those are thought to be the glory days still today, only because in the world we live in now we can’t simply say no. After reading the article on Sisyphus I couldn’t help but wonder what it was that took us to this point. The article had a lot to say about life dealing everyone equal experience, and as far as that goes I can’t help but agree. This is because if you truly think about it, everyone on earth has the same opportunity to achieve greatness. For example, I was born in the spring of 1990. Now although I cant guarantee anything, I have a good hunch that there was a kid born at the same time (or close to the same time) literally a door away. Given we were both born at the same time from different mothers, I think its safe to say that up until this point we have both been given the same opportunity to achieve better in life. That kid could be the youngest billionaire in the world, or he could be living on the streets begging for change. Like Camus said , “To two men living the same number of years, The world always provides the same sum of experiences.” Or in other words everyone has the same opportunity to do something worth while, while their here (on earth). On the other hand I can argue that although we might have the same amount of time. No one quite can guarantee that they are going to make the best of their time. For example im living life right now moderately driven, meaning I could use every second of my time to get ahead and achieve “greatness” but I don’t. The main reason why this occurs is because no one wants to live a life where its all a big game to compete. Yeah there are people that live that way, but personally im going to take my time to “smell the roses” and enjoy as many small things as I

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