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Campus Relationships Writing about campus relationships like almost every other thing in my life, I am tempted to only remember the bad. Flashbacks of my friend sucking on the glass rim of a bottle containing one of those potent ‘vodkas’ first thing in morning. And I mean the really hard stuff, the kind that comes with a picture of a lion on the label… he had just found out his girlfriend was cheating on him. Or the ghastly image of a blood spattered room where a lovers tiff between a comrade and his girlfriend ended in a stabbing spree. These are the images that first pop up in my mind thinking of campus relationships. They all share the common themes of pain, heartbreak, revenge, betrayal…the stuff Philippine soap operas are made of. But in doing so I risk coming across as disparaging, cynical, pessimistic or even as a person who is bitter at his single status or worse even ignorant. I believe I am far removed from it to do so. Some twenty four odd years ago, two Home Economics students at Kenyatta University College fell in love and two years later I was born, the product of this love. Even today, I still catch whiffs of affection in my dad calling mum his girlfriend or in that impromptu hug mum gave him after he bought her a phone. So you see, in trashing campus relationships, I could as well be rubbishing my parent’s relationship as well as (God forbid) calling myself a mistake. Condemning myself as a misfortune borne out of ‘improper’ circumstances. Despite what I have witnessed and gone through, the story of my parents makes me want to believe in the power of love and campus relationships. A friend once told me when people fall in love in campus they do so for all the right reasons. What are these reasons I asked her. She proceeded to explain that as students studying the same course you are more likely to share the same interests and taking the amount of

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