Camping Trip Essay

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One day on a Saturday afternoon, there were five kids out on a camping trip. They were celebrating summer. Their names were Tyler, Austin, Elliott, Cody, and Chandler. They had all the supplies they needed, and they were heading out to the Black Hills. They found a spot under a huge pine tree were it was shady, so they could rest for a while. They sat down to have lunch when Tyler heard a sound “snap.” “What was that,” asked Tyler. Then out of no were a deer came crashing by, and almost squashed Elliott. They did not know what to think, Austin was they brave one of the bunch, so he decided to go and check it out. Before you knew it, Austin was running as fast as he could back to us. He was trembling, “what did you see,” asked Chandler. Austin was so scared he couldn’t say a word, so we all decided to go and check it out. However, before we got too they edge of the hill we heard a loud screeching cat type of noise. Right then we stopped; it was a… mountain lion. “Ahhhhh,” yelled Cody. “Run for your lives,” yelled Tyler. They didn’t stop for ever, but after a while of running Elliott looked back and the mountain lion was gone. That was a close one, “I wonder why it didn’t chase us,” asked Cody. “Maybe it was just guarding its den,” suggested Chandler. “I don’t know what it was, but that was way to close for me,” said Tyler. “Well since all of our equipment is under that tree we have nothing to camp with, why don’t we just leave,” said Elliott. The boys then decided that Elliott’s idea was a good one, so they decided to start their way back to the vehicle. “Ah guys, I sort of left the map at that big tree,” said Chandler. “How do we get back now,” asked Cody. “I guess we’ll have to go back to the big tree and get that map,” suggested Austin. “What, do you want us all to get killed,” yelled Tyler. “I have an idea,” said Elliott. “Why don’t we just go back to

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