Camp Edy: A Short Story

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Week 1, Assignment Eng 121: English Composition 5/12/14 "Last one to the lake is a rotten egg." When your 8 and your at summer camp everything becomes a race or a game. Who can beat who and what team will win. Camp Edy in NY was my favorite place to go every year and the summer of 1998 was one I could never forget. From horse back riding, to painting, playing sports and swimming and jumping in the lake, summer camp has endless possibilities to the fun you will have. All fun and games except jumping into the deep lake where you can't touch the bottom or see what unknown is below you in all of that darkness. Riding horses like Summer and Cinnamon was my favorite thing to do with my best friend Karissa.…show more content…
"There is a mobster or a creature in there and I'm not going in. Not one can make me." Ashley recited this over and over again until everyone but me gave up on her. I was determined to prove there was nothing but fun in the water. I made everyone get out and I ran and jumped in the lake and swam around by myself. Ashley saw how safe I was and how happy I was and she stepped up to the dock, dipped her foot in and finally jumped in. She had conquer her fear of the mysterious lake mobster! The last day of camp was bittersweet. We had made lasting friendships and had so many laughs and good times. From the relay races, to horseback riding, arts and crafts and Ashley conquering her fear of the "mobster in the lake," it was a summer we would never forget. I said goodbye to my beloved horse Summer and promised to return the next year to see her beautiful face and go riding once again. We all sang songs and cried as one by one our patents came to pick us up. It was an amazing time the summer of 1998 and the last time I ever went to camp Edy. Though I'm grown up and 25 and live in a different state, I'm happy to know camp Edy is still open and running for girls to have adventures and over come there fears every

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