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Camp collage essay Honestly, the reason why I want to go to college is to leave with the feeling that I have learned and grown, even though I’m not done growing yet. To be able to feel myself walking out of college with a degree and knowledge to take me places. As well as learning the skills that I need to lead a successful and productive life. To prepare myself for the real world that is yet to come. I find that collage will open up my horizons to a whole new level. Not only will I go to college to become successful but to be open minded about new ideas, and become a deeper and more scholarly person. I want to expand my comfort zone and expose myself to brand new thoughts. I want to take part in new activities and clubs and form new experiences. Also I would like to learn about the world in a new prospective and be able to be proactive in the world when I graduate would be a massive accomplishment. I plan to have the best years of my life at college surrounded; by people who share the same interests with me and also the people who I can talk to about new thoughts that haven’t came into my mind yet. Within my four years of collage I want to create new contacts and begin my career with confidence. When I graduate from college I will see my mother’s face as I walk down the aisle to take my diploma and I know it will make her proud to see her daughter graduate. And that my friend is why I want to go to

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