Who came first the chicken or the egg?

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Who was first? This is a question of utmost importance! Well not really, but still it’s worth an essay (so the English teacher thinks). Getting to the point, I want to point out that it’s a really tough question although many of you take it as a joke. Think about it. The chicken lays eggs, so you’d be ready to say that the chicken was first, but then you think that the chicken came from an egg, which leads you to the conclusion that the egg came first, but here we are again! Where did the egg come from? An epic battle: Chicken vs. Egg. I read online somewhere that the egg came first, because fish lay eggs too and chicken are so much newer to the world than fish, but then again this doesn’t make any sense to me. Taking it logically the chicken is the most probable to have been the first, because there is a high chance that there was a mutation on another animal’s egg that ‘created’ the chicken. So instead of hatching a dodo let’s say it hatched a chicken. But going by all these biological rules stuff is really boring so I’ll just ignore that. This dilemma proves that people with too much spare time start to worry about pointless things. The first record of a person having too much spare time is somewhere in the year 300 B.C. A so called philosopher, Aristotle got bored and started asking himself who came first the chicken or the egg. After much thought he concluded the following: they both came to be at the same time. Now wasn’t that a waste of time? Another such man is Plutarch, who even wrote a book about the subject called ‘Table Talk’. I didn’t really understand the site about Plutarch, so I’ll go on to the third philosopher Macrobius, whose attention was also drawn by this question. This is to prove that people of all times have had this dilemma, so it’s not so new. But no one found an answer until now. I found an interesting

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