Cambodian Genocide: The Khmer Rouge

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Cambodian Genocide In April 1975 the leader Pol Pot and group known as the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia. There has been a civil war in Cambodia ever since 1970. In the Vietnam War the United States bombed parts of Cambodia and also managed to get Cambodian politics to support Lon Nol as the new leader of Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge used that as a way to recruit people and gave them a reason to have harsh rules. The Khmer Rouge killed basically killed everyone that was intelligent so that no one would over power them. The common people that were not killed were all gathered together and had a living arrangement. Pol Pot abused his power to oppress the people and gain more power. Throughout the four years about two million Cambodians died…show more content…
The Khmer Rouge was a cruel group of people that had many ways to torture the people. They tortured the people so bad sometimes that they ended up killing them. One example of a cruel punishment is waterboarding. Waterboarding is when water is poured over the face of a people that is being held down and they would feel as if they were drowning. Another method of torture they used was stappado. Stappado is a form of torture in which the victim’s wrists are tied behind their back and then they're hung from a rope hooked to a ceiling or wooden structure, this often dislocates both arms causing excruciating pain. This was one of the most popular interrogation and torture methods for the Khmer Rouge. A little reminder, the total amount of people that died in the Cambodian Genocide was about 2,000,000. This includes the people that had a quick and painless death but also the people that had a long and painful torture that sometimes lead to…show more content…
Since there was an estimated number of two million people killed during the reign of the Khmer Rouge it was known as the Cambodian Genocide or Cambodian Holocaust. There are leaders all over the world but one leader in particular is Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge (the group he led) took over Cambodia and killed many people to succeed their goal of an agricultural reform. When the leaders of the Khmer Rouge were being persecuted Pol Pot was in a way lucky because he died peacefully while he was waiting for

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