Cambodian Genocide Essay

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Cambodian Genocide In April 1975 the leader Pol Pot and group known as the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia. There has been a civil war in Cambodia ever since 1970. In the Vietnam War the United States bombed parts of Cambodia and also managed to get Cambodian politics to support Lon Nol as the new leader of Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge used that as a way to recruit people and gave them a reason to have harsh rules. The Khmer Rouge killed basically killed everyone that was intelligent so that no one would over power them. The common people that were not killed were all gathered together and had a living arrangement. Pol Pot abused his power to oppress the people and gain more power. Throughout the four years about two million Cambodians died because of execution, starvation, and forced labor. Since there was an estimated number of two million people killed during the reign of the Khmer Rouge it was known as the Cambodian Genocide or Cambodian Holocaust. After the end of the five year civil was the people of Phnom Penh were celebrating but that all changed when the Khmer Rouge came. They were all forced out of their homes and if they asked what was going on they were told “The Americans are going to bomb the city!” The plan was to get the get the people into the countryside and get them as far away from the city. The Khmer Rouge took the people out of the city because they thought the city was a form of capitalism and they did not want that. Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge started their plot by gathering the people up and putting fear into them so they wouldn’t rebel. While the Khmer Rouge were gathering up the people they would use force and beat the people so they would listen to them and not fight back. The Khmer Rouge was a cruel group of people that had many ways to torture the people. They tortured the people so bad sometimes that they ended up killing them. One

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