Cambodia Economics Essay

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Because of our wonderful civilization and our history, Cambodia was known and admired by the lots of people around the world. They also know that Cambodia is a developing country in South-East Asia that economy is growing up very fast. What does economy in Cambodia depend on? In fact, Tourism, Industry and Agriculture are very important point that can make economy in Cambodia become the best one. Firstly, Tourism can earn over millions dollars for Cambodia every year. Tourist came to Cambodia because they want to see our amazing ancient temple which countries around the world don’t have. So Many people in Cambodia will be employed and poverty in Cambodia won’t happen. Secondly, Industry is really very important that our country cannot abandon. We export lots of product to abroad and get lots of back to Cambodia. We don’t need some foreign products, so our country won’t spend lots of money to import and we can use that money to develop country. Thirdly, Agriculture is also a main point that the other countries always admire our country. Rice, rubber, corn are the plants that our country have the best land to plant it. Cambodia export these to abroad every year because there are few countries that can plant all kind of these plants and it also get money not little than tourism and agriculture. To jump to conclusion, Cambodia’s economy used to be low but it isn’t today. Three sectors above changed our bad and low economy became to the best one that can compare with the famous country in the

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