Calvin's Beliefs Vs. Loyola's Beliefs

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John Calvin’s Belief’s VS. Ignatius of Loyola’s Beliefs John Calvin created the movement known as Calvinism. Calvin believed that people were born sinful and only a few people would be saved from sin after death. It was believed that God had already chosen who to save after death. Calvin set up council of twelve elders that established laws about what was believed to be right and wrong actions of the people. Playing cards and dancing are a few examples of what was believed to be wrongful. The people were imprisoned if found not to be living by Calvinism. I think people were drawn to John Calvin’s beliefs because religion seemed to be established and with a strong leader. People probably were drawn to having a religion with rules set in place. I personally think people should be allowed to have their own opinions and views on religion. I do not think people should have been imprisoned by not living by Calvinism. I also personally do not believe God has already chosen who will be saved from sin. Ignatius of Loyola believed through self-discipline and good actions people would be saved. Loyola created the religion belief known as Society of Jesus. The people were required to stay educated, strong, and holy. Loyola tried to influence the people to the Catholic faith. People were probably influenced to Loyola’s belief because it doesn’t seem to be as strict as Calvin’s belief. The people probably felt more in control of the situations because they could control their own actions which in return decided if they were saved from sin. Between the two beliefs, I am in more agreement with Loyola’s beliefs. I believe that people can control their actions and if they lead the right life through self-discipline and remaining holy can be saved from
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