Caltex Improving On South Africa People Using Util Essay

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Caltex Improving on South Africa People using Utilitarian Concept I may not know what Caltex intent was but their action is self reviling. They as a company has a higher degree, of what is right from what is morally wrong, this is most admire by those who have learn of their development. In 1977 Caltex venture in a business opportunity for profit in developing an oil refinery but discover that they were their, for a higher calling “for the greater good” to improve living condition for the black community, “A GREATER GOOD CONCEPT” an utilitarian philosophy term. The development of the Caltex plant, Caltex adapted and implementing utilitarian principles that provided a break through for increasing the South African economy. The construction of the Caltex plan was important to the South African black majority which were the poorest and less protected by their government,. Caltex provide them an opportunity to improver their way of life and living condition by means of job opportunity which they provided for families and community. Caltex involvement has improve the South African economy by mean of revenue, which help stabilize inflations and price control in the market place, something that the majority of blacks needed to acquire commodities acquisition (basic product). Caltex also have made progress toward implementation a “Code of Conduct” (moral obligation statement) drafted by the recognize Rev. Dr. Leon Sullivan who had detailed the six basic principles in helping to sustain racial and better living conditions. The development concept of “equal payment for equal work “and to influence and pressure toward racial division of white and black population, in reference to racisms; which to country has been accustom too. Caltex had made a positive progress of 40%. One of the improvements was wages which was well above minimum pay in the South African Government.

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