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Lab Report for Experiment #9 Caloric Content of Foods Purpose: (copy from lab; 1 point) • To measure the energy content of various food items, and • To become familiar with energy units like calories and joules Describe any changes to the procedure here in detail here: For example: I weighed the marshmallow directly without the holder. Or I used the following food instead: The food items that I used for this experiment were mini marshmallow, a peanut, and small potato chip. Observations: Keep notes on any observations you make while working on this experiment, copy them into the space below. Be detailed. The mini marshmallow burned very quickly, but did not burn all the way. The peanut burned for a long time, it become black, and the consistency was still somewhat dense, but crumbly. The potato chip burned for a long time and became ash-like. Note: the specific heat of water; Cp, is: 4.184 J/g0C, this can be represented using the table format here: 4.184 J g 0C Data Table: (6 points) Fill out the data table (below) for the experiment and submit with this form. Be sure to report the correct number of significant figures and unit for each measurement. (Use the exponent for 0C) Be sure to record the mass to +/- 0.1 g and the temperature to +/- 0.1 oC. Table #1 Food Item Description Marshmallow Peanut / Walnut Other Sample-Identify 1 Mass of food & holder 1.2g 0.8g 0.8g 2 Mass holder 0.6g 0.5g 0.3g 3** Mass of food (subtract 2 from 1) (before burning) 0.6 g 0.3g 0.5g 4 Mass of food & holder – initial (same as 1) 1.2g 0.8g 0.8g 5 Mass of food & holder – after 0.6 g 0.7g 0.4g 6 Mass of food burnt (subtract 5 from 4) 0.6 g 0.1g 0.4g 7 Mass of beaker & water 110.1 110.1 110.1g 8 Mass of beaker 66.9g 66.9g 66.9g 9 Mass of

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