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Caloric Content of Food obseRvations & Calculated Values (Calculated values have the yellow background.) Data Table 1: Food Item - Observations | Food Item Description: | Marshmallow | Peanut / Walnut | Chip | Mass of food & holder – initial | 6.5g/26.5g | 1.1g/26.2g | 1.2g/26.2g | Mass of food & holder – final | 32g | 26.8g | 26.8g | Mass of food burnt | 5.5g | 0.6g | 0.6g | Mass of beaker | 65.5g | 65.5g | 65.5g | Mass of beaker & water | 109.3g | 109.3g | 109.3g | Mass of water | 44g | 44g | 44g | Water temp. – initial | 20oC | 22oC | 18oC | Water temp. – final | 29oC | 38oC | 25oC | ΔT (oC change) | 9oC | 16oC | 7oC | Heat Energy gained by water | 1656.86 J | 2945.54 J | 1288.67 J | Heat Energy per gram | 301.25 J/g | 4909.23 J/g | 2147.78 J/g | QUestions Which of the foods tested contains the most energy per gram? Peanut How do your experimental results compare to typical experimental values (listed in the procedure)? I do believe that in the typical values a smaller marshmallow, while I used the bigger marshmallow (s’more size). I did get that the peanut had the highest heat energy per gram. The potato chip and peanut were very close in weight but both the heat energy gained by water and the heat energy per gram of the two items were very different, and after seeing the flame from the chip I would have thought that the water temp change would have been greater. * C. Using the typical energy values for the three food groups (carbohydrates, 4 Cal/g; protein, 4 Cal/g; and fats 9 Cal/g), calculate the Calories in a bag of your favorite snack food. (Look on the nutrition label to get the information needed to do this problem.) I picked Quaker’s Peaches and Cream oatmeal. There is 27g of carbs, 2g of fat, and 3g of protein in each packet. The total number of calories I got after doing the equations was

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