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Calligraphy, comes from a the Greek word Kalligraphia meaning beautiful writing Kallos meaning beauty and Graphia meaning writing is defined as many and according to as the art of beautiful penmanship this skill of being able to write in this beautiful style of handwriting has varied over time depending on the countries it travelled to. Its origins are said to come from the continent of Asia where it is said to either have originated China, Japan or the Middle East (Somewhere in proximity to where Saudi Arabia would be today.) No precise date has been given for its exact origins but according to many historians its primary roots can be sourced from China. The legends have it that during the reign of the Yellow Emperor a man named Cang Jie invented the Chinese language and that it was what brought about the invention of calligraphy due to the fact the Chinese symbols will have to be written in a certain way brought up its invention. Many other historians believe it actually originates in cave paintings and as humans developed the art of pictorial symbols it and about 3500 B.C.E the Egyptians created the stylized hieroglyphics. A few thousand years later the Phoecians developed one of the first alphabets and writing systems. It is said this society were sea fearing they readily passed on their talents to other civilization. They most likely were the one that influenced the Greeks who would then be the one who influenced the The Romans who had adapted it to suit the Latin language. The people of nobility and the monks took the art of writing to scribe and scrolls this where we see the invention of Gothic Style writing being introduced. By the 15th century the German, Johannes Gutenburg had invented the printing press and based the lettering on the Gothic Style. The art of calligraphy then evolved over the years making its way to Italy where

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