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Call of the wild Essay

  • Submitted by: chicky3011
  • on May 8, 2008
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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#1) Many things happened to cause the down fall of Old Majors dream of Animal Farm.   One thing that happened was Napoleon became the leader. Since Napoleon became the leader, it meant no one was equal anymore. He would make it so he would rule all the other animals and make the decisions. Then he used an excuse that he would make Animal Farm a better place and that because pigs were smartest they would make smart decisions. The animals fell right into his scheme.   Another reason why Old Majors dream of Animal Farm fell is because the pigs changed the commandments. If the pigs didn’t change the commandments then Animal Farm might have been better. The pigs knew that the most of the other animals couldn’t read the commandments so they would change them for their benefits. One commandment that was changed was “no animal shall sleep in a bed” that was changed to “no animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets”. When they changed the commandment, the pigs would sleep in Jones’ bed while the other animals were in the farm. Last reason why Old Majors dream fell is because Napoleon decided to start to trade. He said he wanted to start trading because they needed the money. He wanted to take away the hen’s eggs to trade, but they said that they wouldn’t give up their children. Napoleon told the others that who ever were to feed the hens grain would be executed. The animals were scared and followed his command. Since many things went wrong in the process of making animal farm, Old Majors dream never came true.

#2) Throughout the book Animal Farm there were many characters. There were good, bad and neutral characters. On character that was good was Boxer. Boxer was a horse that always worked hard no mater what. He worked the most and hardest out of all the animals. He would always say “I will work harder.” Even when he got hurt he was still trying to help. He had brought up enough stone for the windmill. In the end, he ended up going to the horse slaughter house. An example...

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