Call of the Wild Essay

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Many good adventure stories look at the lives of dogs. A really good example is The Call of the Wild’s by Jack London. This story looks at the life of Buck, a family pet that was stolen and sold to dog sled owners. This report will look at the plot, characters, and author’s style. Buck is a dog who is half Saint, Bernard half and Scotch Sheppard. At first Buck lived at a big house in the Santa Clara valley with Judge Miller. One day, Manuel, the gardener’s helper, sold Buck to the man with red sweater after being trained Buck went to the Yukon to be on a dog sled team. There was Spitz of many other dogs who made Buck stronger than before. Buck’s first owners were Francois and Perrault. Buck and the team had many owners, but Hal, Charles, and Mercedes were the worst. When Buck and other dogs brought their owner’s heavy baggage and across the river, and they came to John Thornton’s camp who said “Don’t cross the river.” The owner doesn’t listen to him but Buck could not pull the sled anymore; he was too tired. So the owner hit him, John Thornton stopped Buck’s owner and cut loose from the sled team. He was different with other owners. He was kind and friendly to Buck and other dogs. Buck loved him and trusted him. One day, Buck met some wolves. At first Buck thought they will kill him but that was not true. Buck enjoyed running with them. When Buck goes back his camp, he saw everyone; they were dead at the camp. He was so surprised and he staying around the camp for several days. Finally he goes off to run with the wolves. Spitz clashed with Buck from their first meeting. Spitz was their team’s first leader and he was mean and cruel. Buck wanted to be the also lead dog also. So he worked to get stronger and smarter. Buck and Spitz have many fights, but Spitz usually won. Finally Buck won the last fight by cunning. Buck won the leader role and he made the team run

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