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When placed in a new environment, survival is tough to achieve. In The Call of the Wild by Jack London, Buck has gone from sunny Santa Clara Valley to the cold, dark and frosty Northland to help find gold. He is put to the test to find his inner strength and to explore his big, furry body. Buck is a strong, cunning, and intelligent dog and these characteristics help him throughout his disabilities. Buck is a strong dog, physically and mentally. He has the right attitude to take on any challenge that is put in front of him. On his unintentional journey to the Northland, Buck has experienced many challenges. He neither eats nor drinks for two days, while he was on train, express car, or boat. While he is in the Northland many problems occur with the other dogs. Spitz, a rebellious enemy of Buck is starting to annoy him a lot. He is always in his space and ticking him off. At last Buck decides to end this feud so he kills Spitz in a dogfight. Not only does he kill Spitz he also kills man, the Yeehats who invade their camp, bear, and moose. These killings prove to him that he is now strongest and can take on any fight. When Buck is to find his inner strength he is put to the test to pull a 1000-pound sled. He not only accomplishes this task he also does it in record time which surprises his owners. Because he is a strong dog and determined for survival, Buck outlasts these discomforts Cunning is described as having or showing skill. Buck is a perfect example of this description. Buck is not only strong he is also cunning. Before he came to the Northland, he had a rather easy life with the Judge Miller playing and helping him and his kids. In the Northland food is limited which leaves Buck with less food then usual. In result as he watches and learns from the other dogs he makes and accomplishes to steal food without being caught. This first theft marked Buck as fit

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