Call Of The Wild Essay

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The Call of the Wild Jack London creates the theme or essence of the novel in the passage where he explains how Buck got beat with the club for the first time. When Buck was hit with the club it symbolized more than him being dominated but this created a new perspective to Buck. This created the beginning of his backward movement into his inner wild self. This specific passage captures Buck's intellect, and demonstrates that Buck learns from his mistakes. This passage shows the theme or essence because it really helps the audience connect to the feelings that Buck has. The theme being that only the strong will survive. The major over all theme relating to how Buck had to adapt from being domesticated to re-touching with his inner wild conscience. London foreshadowed that there was more "primitive law" to come. London's style used Buck the dog as the narrator. Buck explains his motivations, and London reminds the reader that Buck does not actually think. It is a very unique form of perspective. The style of his writing does help him accomplish his purpose, as it helps the audience go through the same thought patterns as Buck. The tone of the novel maintained the same during the entire novel. In this passage London seemed sympathetic toward Buck. As Buck learned and transformed, London carefully told how and what happened in a sympathetic manner. London uses a lot of symbolism when Buck has dreams of him transforming and changing. The symbolism aids the audience in foreshadowing the eventual outcome of Buck's future and gives the audience different ideas for an

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